Fall Goes Out With A Bang!

Fall is quickly coming to an end here in Almaty, but not without one last hurrah.  The past few weekends have been spectacular for color and I was able to capture the slightest essence of it.  Speaking of color, I also thought I would post some pics I’ve taken here along the way of various flowers.  I’m certainly no horticulturist, so you’ll have to forgive me for not knowing the varieties of the ones I’ve posted below.

The snow is creeping down the mountains, ever closer to Almaty

I took a stroll around parts of the city on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.  Some parts were familiar, other random turns took me to new places.  I just snapped pics wherever my eye was drawn.

Panfilov Park ablaze with color

Two beautiful trees showing off to the evergreens around them

A small yet beautiful park off of Ablai Khan Avenue

A very artistic park bench kept company by a rather cartoonish wooly mammoth (?!) sculpture

A statue of a Kazakh maiden in traditional dress

My favorite shot of the afternoon!

Park across from Republic Square. The roses were barely hanging on but they were putting up a good fight against the colder weather

Below are some additional shots of flowers taken over the past three months.  One little known flower fact about Kazakhstan is that the tulip originated here!  Don’t tell them in Holland!!  It grows in the wild in the northern part of the country. Unfortunately, I’m in the southern part and here during the late summer and fall so I haven’t seen them.  I have seen pictures and heard stories, however, about entire hillsides being covered in color!

I believe this picture was taken on the grounds of the eagle hunting museum

Another shot from the grounds of the eagle hunting museum

More flowers from the eagle hunting museum. With the half-starved eagles and dogs primed for the upcoming hunting season, the place was kind of depressing. I guess these shots of flowers were an attempt to find some beauty there.

These did not look at all familiar to me. Anyone know them?

This shot of wildflowers was taken back in August at Big Almaty Lake, high in the mountains

The final shot of this entry, also taken in August at Big Almaty Lake

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