Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Well, Fall may have gone out with a bang here in Central Asia but Winter has wasted no time settling in.  For someone originally from the southern part of the States, this has both a shock and a treat.  The high temperature this weekend was around 14° F and the low hovered around 0° F.  In other words, very cold!  Despite this, I did venture out and try to take some pictures in some of the parks.  The pictures below are both of Panfilov Park.  One was taken during my first weekend here back in August, the other this weekend.  What a difference!

The southern entrance of Panfilov Park this weekend

The same scene taken back in early August. It was about 98 F on this day. A far cry from the 90 degree difference this weekend!

The shots below are from various spots around the central part of the city.  The meandering journey ended at the annual Christmas Craft Fair held at the Central Museum.  I was glad to finally arrive and find some warmth inside!

My friend Bill happened to spot this perfect little Charlie Brown Christmas tree outside of a convenience store

A much bigger tree welcoming the start of the Asian Winter Games in January

Across the street from the big tree is one of my favorite buildings, the Academy of Sciences.

The Academy of Sciences building

Park near New Square looking south towards the Central Business District

A cold and lonely set of stairs

Park near the old Presidential Palace

A quiet path under a snowy canopy

Beautiful building that is home to the President's Foundation

Snowy sculpture garden nearby

Walking downhill along Dostyk Avenue. The sidewalks get sanded but are still treacherous!

Back at snowy Panfilov Park

Panfilov Park

Panfilov Park

Well, that’s it for this week’s wintry tour.  My time here is quickly coming to an end, as I leave in less than two weeks.  I’ll try to take a few more pics if the weather warms up a bit.  Till then!

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